Paraprofessional Handbook

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At a Glance

With input from staff, administrators at Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center created a handbook for paraprofessional staff members. 


The handbook is a resource for new and current paraprofessionals. It includes strategies, policies, procedures, and annual updates that are all designed to aid the paraprofessionals in fulfilling their duties, functions, and responsibilities of the positions for which they were hired.

Origin / Implementation

Administrators determined that creating a resource for paraprofessionals, similar to an existing teacher handbook, would contribute to fostering an inclusive environment. They wanted to clearly demonstrate that the administration values paraprofessionals as an integral part of the education process through their contributions to the school community and student achievement.

The first handbook was published in 2012. It is updated annually by the school principal.

A copy of the handbook is distributed to paraprofessional staff at the annual in-service in August. It is also stored on the school’s network server.

Results / Impact

Administrators report that they receive positive feedback from staff and that the paraprofessionals seem to perceive that they are valued and contributing members of the school’s educational community and that they are a valuable asset for not only the teachers, but the students as well..    


Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center
Jeff Geesey, Assistant Director

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