Student Career Interview Night

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At a Glance

Indiana County Technology Center hosts an annual spring career interview night where local and regional employers are invited to interview students to fill entry-level positions at their company.


The purpose of the career interview night at Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) is to connect students who chose to enter the workforce upon graduation with local and regional employers. Knowing that they have the opportunity to interview with employers places more credibility on the students’ work in class and also encourages them to achieve their best on the NOCTI and industry testing to receive their highest scores.

An additional benefit to the interview night is building awareness among the community and regional employers that ICTC has career-ready students that have earned their credentials in their area of study.

Origin / Implementation

Administrators at ICTC wanted to provide support to students who choose to enter the workforce upon graduation. While some students participate in cooperative learning opportunities, many others lack a direct connection with employers.

The public relations committee at ICTC created the career interview night in May, 2012. The event is held each year during the first week in May and is coordinated by a committee including the guidance counselor, the coop counselor, and some program instructors.

ICTC career interview night benefits local and regional employers as well as students. Local employers would call the school for seeking potential entry level students for positions at their company. Now, they have the opportunity to interview students at the school. OAC members receive a letter of invitation to participate. The event is also publicized through the Chamber of Commerce. Companies that wish to interview students are asked to submit a brief job description for the positions that they are seeking to fill. The committee compiles the list of employers and jobs and circulates it among seniors and selected juniors. Students may indicate up to three with whom they wish to interview. Students must bring a resume to the event.

The interviews take place at the school in administrative and teacher offices to simulate a “real-world” interview setting. Typically, employers will interview between five to seven students.

Results / Impact

The career interview night has grown over the last three years and currently attracts approximately 20 employers per year from the region.

ICTC has had measureable results with students obtaining positions at companies before they graduate. In some cases employers even try to outbid other companies in hopes of hiring students that they have observed during the testing dates of NOCTI and the industry performance tests.

Seeing classmates employment of our past graduates has become a motivator for students who desire to enter the workforce upon graduation.   


Indiana County Technology Center
Carol Fry, Executive Director