Cooperative Education Rating Forms for Employers

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At a Glance

Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center (HCCTC) automated the co-op feedback process for employers by moving pertinent forms online.


HCCTC placed weekly grading and skills grading forms online for employers to use when rating students in co-op placements. Administrators created a Google form, and it populates a spreadsheet. An extension of the spreadsheet allows them to populate a PDF document with all of the required information, which is then emailed to the co-op coordinator.

Origin / Implementation

Before the forms were placed online, it took HCCTC’s co-op coordinator/assistant director a large amount of time to collect grades and feedback from employers and pass those on to instructors. Administrators wanted to find a way to expedite and automate the process for the school and the employers. In January 2015, they decided to make the forms available online in an effort to make the process more efficient. The electronic weekly grade and skills grade forms can be accessed at HCCTC’s website.

Results / Impact

Administrators report that using the automated process has dramatically cut down on the time for all involved.

It now only takes about two minutes to collect information from an employer and pass it on to the coordinator and the student’s instructors.


Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center
Don Burd, Director

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