Automotive Technology Business Partnership

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At a Glance

North Montco Technical Career Center’s partnership with the Hunter Engineering Company provides the opportunity for automotive technology students to train on state of the art equipment used in industry.


The partnership between North Montco Technical Career Center (NMTCC) and the Hunter Engineering Company created a state of the art automotive technology training facility for NMTCC students and Hunter employees. On an ongoing basis, Hunter outfits the lab, at no cost to NMTCC, with all of their latest and most up-to-date tire, wheel, wheel alignment, and brake equipment. Hunter technicians perform repairs, adjustments, and other scheduled maintenance to their equipment at no cost to the school. Hunter also performs the same services to the Hunter equipment owned by NMTCC at “cost.”

Students can earn Hunter training certificates, which help them obtain entry-level employment. Hunter also offers free certification training classes for the automotive technology instructors from NMTCC and other local Career and Technical Centers.

Each year, Hunter’s Northeast Division Manager (who was an automotive technology instructor at a career and technical center) provides advanced training on specific equipment to selected NMTCC students. When these students go on to work in shops that have purchased Hunter equipment, they are able to help train seasoned/veteran auto technicians on the proper and safe use of the equipment.

This partnership also benefits Hunter, which uses the lab as a regional satellite training facility and management center for sales and service representatives. Hunter conducts professional technical training in the lab/classroom four weeks during the school year and twice during summer recess. They also hold specialized training for the many local auto service marketers they service. (During the time Hunter holds training classes, the NMTCC automotive technology program instructor holds limited classroom activities).

Origin / Implementation

The Hunter Engineering Company has been supporting NMTCC for the past 15 years.

Results / Impact

The partnership between NMTCC and the Hunter Engineering Company has saved the school hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment costs while at the same time training students for NOCTI assessments and jobs in the local community. In addition, Hunter employees and customers who visit the facility form a favorable impression of the NMTCC program and the students who are using complex and advanced equipment.

Hunter service representatives are active participants on NMTCC’s Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology and Auto Collision Repair Occupational Advisory Committees. They  have volunteered to be judges for SkillsUSA district competitions and NOCTI exit exams and have been instrumental in helping the Diesel and Auto Collision Repair programs obtain and maintain AYES and NATEF certifications. Hunter’s Northeast Division Manager is a member of the NMTCC Local Advisory and Perkins Planning Committees. The company also provides donations for graduation awards.


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