Pre-NOCTI Score Analysis Lesson

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Essential Question(s)

The following essential question is explored in this lesson plan: Why is it important to develop data analysis skills?

Relevant Program(s) of Study

This lesson was created for Culinary Arts – CIP 12.0508 Institutional Food Worker, however, it can be used in any program that administers the Pre-NOCTI.

Lesson Objective(s) or Task(s)

  • Using calculated percentages, students will analyze Pre-NOCTI score reports to identify at least one duty strength and at least one focus area.
  • By calculating percentages, students will analyze task linked reports for Pre-NOCTI performance to identify at least one task strength and at least one focus task.
  • After analyzing Pre-NOCTI performance, students will identify at least two methods for improving NOCTI proficiency.


Pittsburgh Public Schools

Mike Metikosh, Math Integration Teacher

Darcy Tyhonas, English Integration Teacher

Supporting Files