Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) Boot Camp

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At a Glance

Instructors at Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center developed a one-week boot camp to prepare recent graduates for the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) exam.


In 2015, Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center began offering a week long Boot Camp for seniors the week after they graduate. The camp, which was developed by the Network Systems Technology Instructor at the career technical center (CTC), is designed to help prepare graduates to take the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) exam. This exam leads to an entry-level industry certification for computer network support positions.

Individuals in the boot camp spend Monday through Thursday at the CTC, taking practice tests, going over test taking strategies, and completing lab exercises in the areas in which they feel weak. The instructor works one-on-one with the students this entire week. On Friday, the CCENT certification tests are administered by an authorized third-party testing center.

In 2015, the camp was funded by a grant from the Potter County Education Council. The only cost to the students was the test fee. Students were also responsible for their own transportation to and from the CTC. This was a significant commitment for some students who live more than an hour away from the school.

Graduates who successfully pass the CCENT exam receive a valuable industry certification to add to their portfolios and multiple advantages when entering the work force. 

Origin / Implementation

The impetus for this program came from a Pennsylvania Department of Education program evaluation, which

recommended that more students at the Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center earn industry certifications. The program was developed by the instructor after being approved by the administration of the CTC.

Through this program, graduates of Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center are better prepared to take the CCENT exam. Additionally, since the CTC is located in a rural Pennsylvania setting, many students would not have the opportunity to take this exam if it was not offered at the school.

2014-15 was the first year that the CCENT Certification exam and the boot camp were offered at the school.

Results / Impact

In its first year of implementation, 10 out of 15 program graduates registered for the boot camp. Of that group, 90% passed the CCENT exam on that Friday. One student missed two days of the class due to family issues and missed the passing score by four points. He retook the exam two weeks later and passed.

Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center hopes to continue offering this boot camp as an annual event.


Seneca Highlands Career and Technical Center
Donna Giannattasio, Network Systems Technology Instructor