Digital Media Portable Photo Booth Project

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At a Glance

Students in the Digital Media program at Indiana County Technology Center practice their technical and business skills by staffing and managing a portable photo booth.


Indiana County Technology Center’s (ICTC) portable photo booth is a popular attraction at many school and community events. At an event, Digital Media students from ICTC set up the photo booth and equipment. They take digital photos of the event and participants, edit and print the photos onsite, and provide copies of the photos for the attendees to take home. The school logo is printed on every photo that is distributed.

The photo booth project began as a school-based activity to take photos of visitors, tours, and special events at ICTC. When members of the community found out about it, they started requesting that the students bring the photo booth to sending school and community events. Students have run the portable photo booth at events such as high school dances, the Indiana University of Pennsylvania homecoming parade, the Indiana Christmas tree lighting, a camp for special needs students, Boy Scouts events, and school sports team parties. At ICTC, the photo booth is also used for ninth grade student tours as a fun activity to help recruit.

Students are actively involved in all aspects of the project, from scheduling to set up and implementation. For example, when a sending school requests the photo booth, Digital Media students from that school work with the principal and event sponsor to arrange logistics, under the supervision of their instructor.

This project relates well to the Pennsylvania Department of Education Program Of Study for the program and provides students with “real-world” photography and business experience. Students practice skills in marketing (developing a template customized to client needs), design, and photography. They also practice skills in communication, customer service, and leadership through their interactions with people in the community. 

Origin / Implementation

The project started in the Fall 2014 as an opportunity for students to gain practical photography experience.  The instructors wanted to motivate students and provide exposure to future job opportunities.

The equipment for the booth, which includes a camera, lighting, backdrop, laptop with special software, and a photo printer, was originally purchased using program funds. The CTC charges a nominal fee for events to cover basic costs.

Results / Impact

This project has been very popular in the community and among ICTC students. The photo booth continues to receive numerous community inquiries. This project is helping to generate good public relations and raise awareness of ICTC and the Digital Media program, as well as help students develop soft skills.


Indiana County Technology Center
Michael J. McDermott, Prinicipal