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At a Glance

The drafting and design instructor at Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School created a website allowing his students to access the curriculum and requirements of the program at any time.


The Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School (FCAVTS) serves three area school districts, and provides career technical education to secondary students. FCAVTS offers nine career pathways programs, and recently, the drafting and design instructor began implementing a web-based program to supplement learning in the classroom.

Origin / Implementation

In the fall of 2014, in order to reduce paper handouts in class, the drafting and design instructor (who also serves as the cooperative education coordinator) launched a website to allow students to print worksheets needed for class. This function quickly expanded into a tool for all levels of the program to use and access any time. The website now includes an interactive syllabus for each class, allowing students to work ahead or remediate their learning at their convenience.

Results / Impact

Since its launch in February of 2015, the website has been accessed 3,378 as per counter on page. The instructor noted that students are accessing and moving through program information quicker, and there is a more collaborative atmosphere among students as they work together on different projects. Students are also seeking out the instructor with questions on an as needed basis, mimicking a workplace environment.

Based on the success of this web-based approach to instruction, the allied health program at FCAVTS plans to launch their own version in the near future.  


Fulton County AVTS

Todd Wolford, Drafting and Design Technologies Instructor / Cooperative Education Coordinator

Email:  twolford@tiu11.org

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Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School Drafting and Design Website