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At a Glance

The Mathematics Integration Program at Indiana County Technology Center provides students with academic assistance that integrates math with career technical education. 


The Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC)  created the Mathematics Integration Program to incorporate math into classrooms where technical skills are taught. Through the implementation of the program, ICTC students learn new career skills while developing a strong academic background. 

The program is comprised of three core elements: “push-in” teaching, tutoring, and remediation. The “push-in” element of the program involves a mathematics instructor spending 45 minutes per week co-teaching a program area lesson with a technical instructor. By integrating the program subject matter with real-world mathematic application activities, students are challenged to apply higher order thinking levels while meeting various academic benchmarks pertinent to both the program and the Pennsylvania Core Standards. 

The tutoring element provides one-on-one math instruction to students once a week on a voluntary basis. This element is designed to assist students with all math assignments including those from their home high schools. 

The third element, Algebra 1 Keystone Remediation, is provided for sending schools that desire ICTC to be part of their remediation plan. Remedial students participate in two to four remediation sessions at ICTC, working through assigned lessons in a computer lab with a mathematics instructor who individually instructs students as needed throughout the sessions. 

Origin / Implementation

Administrators recognized a need for a high level of knowledge and skill in both technical and academic areas for students pursuing either postsecondary education or employment.  As a result, in 1998, ICTC took a proactive approach and created the Mathematics Integration Program. The program initially focused on tutoring. It was expanded in 2003 to include the “push-in” element, and again in 2013 to include algebra remediation. Instructors frequently evaluate and adapt services to meet student needs as they arise.

Results / Impact

Because the “push-in” element of the Mathematics Integration Program is highly integrated into the program area subject matter with real-world application activities, instructors report that students have taken a noticeably greater interest in learning the mathematics needed for their program area.   

Data is currently being collected regarding the results of the Algebra 1 Keystone Remediation Program. 


Indiana County Technology Center
Cathy L. Jones, Mathematics Instructor

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