Student Organization Fundraiser and Fitness Challenge

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At a Glance

Students in Future Farmers of America at Chester County Technical College High School organized and hosted a fitness challenge event to raise funds for their club.


Student organizations at many career technical centers raise funds to support their activities such as participating in leadership and competitive events. Some of the most common fundraisers are selling candy or wrapping paper. At Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS), administrators and staff worked with Future Farmers of America (FFA) students to develop an alternative fundraiser that brought together students, staff, and the community to participate in a unique fitness activity.

FFA students organized a 90-minute fitness challenge event called the “Tech Tri Fit.” Held on a Saturday morning at the school, the “Tech Tri Fit” included three different exercise classes: zumba, boxing, and a core workout all set to fun, upbeat music. Volunteer certified group fitness instructors led the fitness sessions and participants were encouraged to challenge themselves and work hard to complete all three exercises. The event was free to students and adults were asked to make a $5 donation.

The activity was designed as a fundraiser and an opportunity to include community members.  However, the additional benefits were that students and staff worked and supported each other through participation in a unique fitness class. Teachers and students viewed each other through a different lens, strengthening home and school relationships while raising funds for the FFA group.


Origin / Implementation

The administrators and staff at TCHS wanted to create a more engaging fundraising strategy than the typical candy sales. The “Tri Tech Fit” event helped students, staff, and community members increase their fitness levels while at the same time making donations to the FFA student group.

2015 was the first year for this event. To promote the event, a staff member created an informational flyer and spread the word among students, staff, friends, and family through face-to-face contact and social media.


Results / Impact

As a result of the event, which drew a crowd of close to 50 participants, students raised $200 for FFA activities. Perhaps more importantly, the event fostered closer relationships between the school and families. With obesity on the rise, this fundraising activity also addressed the requirements of a school’s wellness program and promoted healthy life style choices.

School administrators plan to hold this event again and expect to draw an even larger crowd.  They will also strive to get other student organizations involved in the future.



Chester County Technical College High School
Michael Katch, Administrator

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