Schoolwide Use of Max Teaching

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At a Glance

Instructors at the Schuylkill Technology Center North Campus utilize MAX Teaching methods and student journals in every program of study to improve student comprehension, to increase classroom participation, and to improve NOCTI test scores. 


In order to improve lesson comprehension and exam scores, instructors at Schuylkill Technology Center North Campus use the MAX Teaching method in all classes. This strategy engages students by having them read and discuss content from their textbooks while serving as a preview of the text before the students are given an assignment. 

At the beginning of each class, instructors assign students a textbook page to read. After reading for one minute, students share what they feel was the most important thing that was read. These shared ideas are then written on a white board in the classroom from which students take notes. 

In addition to these comprehension exercises, every program requires their students to keep a daily journal. In the journal, students write the objective of the day, a question of the day which reinforces what they had gone over the previous day, a NOCTI vocabulary word, a math problem, and a “ticket out the door” statement which briefly explains what was learned in class that day. Journals are checked on a weekly basis and must be taken home to be signed by a parent. Instructors have found that not only does this parent involvement provide a better understanding of what students are learning, it also opens up another line of communication between the instructor and the parents.

Origin / Implementation

This initiative kicked off in 2013-14 as part of a school-wide initiative to improve NOCTI scores.

Results / Impact

Since implementing this teaching method, instructors report that in-class student participation has increased as the activities encourage them to open up about what they are learning. Instructors have also observed an improvement in NOCTI scores as well. 


Schuylkill Technology Center North Campus

Jeff Sweda, Assistant Principal STC-North