Plumbing Lesson: Application of PVC Primer and Glue to Make a Water Tight Joint

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At a Glance

The main purpose of this lesson is to teach the importance of the proper installation of PVC primer and glue and how to apply it in a manner that will create a water tight seal.


This lesson, developed by the plumbing instructor at Schuylkill Technology Center South Campus, is designed to provide students with an opportunity to practice applying PVC primer and multi-purpose glue to a given PVC joint in a real-world setting. Students are expected to use the proper PPE throughout this task and complete the task with 100 percent accuracy as per the given instructor rubric.

This lesson is taught to level one students in the program. In earlier lessons, these students learned how to measure cut and ream PVC pipe. They also learned the names of and the ability to identify the tools used to measure cut and ream PVC pipe. During this lesson, the students will apply prior knowledge and take it one step further by learning how to properly apply PVC glue and primer to achieve a water tight PVC joint. By presenting this lesson in sequence, students will learn the correct order to applying PVC glue and primer to a PVC joint just as they would in the plumbing industry.

Origin / Implementation

The instructor strongly believes in the importance of learning to how to properly install PVC Glue and Primer to ensure a water tight seal on a PVC joint. The use of PVC in a DWV piping system is the most common of all of the materials that will be used in the Plumbing industry, and the ability to apply this method properly will be used often in industry both in residential and commercial DWV systems. This is can be an everyday task in the plumbing industry and must be mastered for a student to become successful in the trade.

This lesson is important to level one students’ progression in the plumbing program. The task of making a proper PVC joint flows into many other lessons of the plumbing program and will become an important part of the students’ future career in industry

Lesson Objective(s) or Task(s)

This lesson was created to address the following task: 900 Demonstrate Skill in Various Types of Plastic Pipe and Tubing.


Schuylkill Technology Center

Kurt Lynch, Administrative Director

Andy Wollyung, Plumbing Instructor

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