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Rubric for Formative Assessment in Culinary Arts

Butler County Area Vocational Technical School

At a Glance

The culinary instructor at the Butler County Area Vocational Technical School (BCATVS) uses a rubric to assess various student performance and skills every day.


Mike Barczak, the culinary instruction at BCATVS created a rubric that he uses daily to assess students. The rubric, utilized as formative assessment, includes a 0-5 grading scale and includes sections on management and appearance, food production, and food presentation. Specifically, culinary students are assessed on skills such as safety, sanitation, time management, following recipes, serving temperatures of food, and taste of products.  

Origin / Implementation

The rubric system has been in place for three years and is used after each of the three sessions he teaches each day, allowing him to quickly assess each student. Mr. Barczak uses the rubrics to communicate progress with students and parents. The regular use of the rubric ensures that students understand all expectations in the culinary program.

Results / Impact

The rubric makes calculating grades much simpler because all of the student data, including performance and growth across time, has been collected daily over time. Maintaining the rubrics also allows the instruction to communicate with students, parents, and administrators using evidence from each class period.


Butler County Area Vocational Technical School
Mike Barczak, Culinary Teacher


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