Using Technology to Assist Students and Instructors

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At a Glance

At Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School (FCAVTS), the Computer Networking Technologies instructor uses technology apps and programs to assist her and to engage and motivate students.


Crys Glee, a Computer and Networking Technologies instructor at FCAVTS uses technology tools to help students learn and review content, and to help her efficiently grade and provide meaningful feedback to students.

For test review, Ms. Glee uses Kahoot!, an interactive, game-based system that provides students an engaging and competitive experience to review for daily quizzes and NOCTI exams. (For detailed information on Kahoot!, go to Students can play Kahoot! by joining in on their own devices, such as smartphones. If students do not have their own devices, they can use one in the classroom. A browser and access to the Internet is required.

Ms. Glee creates a learning game (called a kahoot) by entering in multiple choice questions. She can also add video content and visuals. Once created, the game can be displayed on a classroom screen while students compete to answer the questions using their own devices.

Flubaroo, an app that helps expedite the grading process for teachers, is another technology tool Ms. Glee uses. (See for more information.) She uses Flubaroo to efficiently grade student assignments and quickly provide students with their results. Within five minutes of completing a test or classwork, students receive their grades. Furthermore, if Ms. Glee is out of the classroom and wants to assign work, she can still provide students with immediate feedback using the app on her smartphone.

Origin / Implementation

Ms. Glee began using both Kahoot! and Flubaroo several years ago and finds both easy to set up and implement.

She first decided to use Kahoot! because she wanted to better motivate students to review important material.  She finds that by using Kahoot!, students are more engaged than they were when she used more traditional review games. Students are excited to have the opportunity to use their own devices in school.

Ms. Glee decided to begin using Flubaroo because she wanted a more efficient way to grade and record student work, and to distribute those grades to students. By using Flubaroo, she spends less time recording and distributing grades – time which she can then use to plan lessons.

Results / Impact

Ms. Glee plans to continue using both Kahoot! and Flubaroo. She notes that since she started using Kahoot!, students have performed better on tests. All of her students scored Advanced on the NOCTI assessment.


Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School
Crys Glee, Computer Networking Technologies Instructor