NOCTI Simulation, Intervention and Reflection

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At a Glance

Administrative Assisting students at JP McCaskey High School complete five practice NOCTI simulations. They and their parents receive their scores and general NOCTI information to help them prepare for the NOCTI assessment.


To better prepare for the NOCTI test, administrative assisting students are required to complete five NOCTI simulations before taking the actual exam. Administrative assisting instructors communicate with parents about how students are performing on the practice tests. They implemented this practice, which went into effect during the 2016-2017 school year, in response to declining scores on the NOCTI simulations (practice tests).

After students complete the third simulation, the instructors send home a letter and reflection sheet to each family. The letter explains:

  • The purpose of NOCTI;
  • NOCTI simulation and NOCTI details (dates and times);
  • SOAR information and how it relates to NOCTI; and
  • Student’s grade on each of the three completed NOCTI simulations. 

Students and parents are expected to complete the reflection form. This form asks students to reflect on their simulation scores, set goals for their NOCTI scores and describe what they could do to achieve that score goal.

To continue communicating with and engaging parents, the instructors call parents after students complete the fourth NOCTI simulation. The instructors share information about student performance on the simulation and address any questions parents may have about the NOCTI and/or student performance.

Once the fifth and final simulation is taken, students and their parents review the graded NOCTI simulation and an accompanying rubric. Parents sign off on the rubric, and students return it to school.


Seventy-five percent of administrative assisting students who took the NOCTI exam earned Advanced, and 25 percent earned Competent. (Eight students took the exam.) These are typical scores for students from year to year.


JP McCaskey High School

Staci Stettler, CTE Coordinator

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