Steel Center: College/Career Action Planning

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At a Glance

Each year, students work on a personalized career-planning document; senior students complete a College/Career Action Plan before graduation.

Origin / Implementation

Students have several opportunities to explore careers at Steel Center through college and career fairs, industry speakers, and college visitations. To expand upon this, the guidance counselor developed a post-graduation planning tool in 2015-2016 and used it initially with senior students only. Building on its success, in the 2016-2017 school year, the plan was extended to juniors. All first year students at Steel Center complete a career interest inventory using PA CareerZone, which becomes a starting point for the planning tool.

In addition to helping students think more deeply about post graduation, the plans provides useful information to the counselor who is better able to disseminate college and career information specifically to students who may be most interested. The plan includes a checklist of actions steps pertaining to each post-high school interest or pathway. For example, students interested in entering the military check a box after completing the ASVAB test.

In regards to the College/Career Action Plan, the counselor meets with students a minimum of two times, once during junior and senior year. All plans are tracked in a spreadsheet and a final report (using senior information only) is used in school data reporting. The plan template is attached.

Results / Impact

Approximately 500 students have developed a personalized plan, most having reviewed the plan at least twice with the guidance counselor.


Steel Center for Career and Technical Education

Mr. Shannon Hinkle, Guidance Counselor

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