Safe2Say Something Administrative Manual

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At a Glance

The administrative director of Greene County Career & Technology Center (GCCTC) developed a comprehensive safety manual for staff members to help ensure they are aware of and follow the Act 44 safety requirements.


Administrative Director Mark Krupa recognized a need for all GCCTC personnel to be aware of the Act 44 of 2018 requirements and the available resources–internal and external — to meet those requirements. To address this need, Mr. Krupa collaborated with the Crisis Intervention Team to develop the Safe2Say Something Administrative Manual which is distributed to all staff members.

First used during the 2018-2019 school year, the Safe2Say Something manual includes a description of safety rules and procedures as well as an extensive collection of resources. It lists names and contact information for both internal and external contacts at the shared-time CTC, as well as at each of the sending school districts. The manual also includes the external contacts at each of the school districts and the names and positions for superintendents, secretaries, principals, assistant principals, intermediate unit personnel, school solicitor, state police barracks, and specific law enforcement personnel. Mr. Krupa and the Crisis Intervention Team will review and revise the manual on an annual basis.

For other CTCs that want to develop a safety manual, Mr. Krupa recommends that they work with their superintendents’ advisory committees to collect the information for each of the sending school districts. In addition to the safety processes and procedures, the manual should include a brief explanation of the Act 44 requirements.


The Safe2Say Something Administrative Manual helps ensure that whether or not the school’s Act 44 contact is in the building, GCCTC faculty will know how the school emergency process works to help safeguard students and staff.


Greene County Career & Technology Center

Mark Krupa, Administrative Director