FOCUS Team Provides Resources for Teachers

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At a Glance

A team of experienced teachers at Mercer County Career Center (MCCC) developed an internal warehouse of professional resources and instructional strategies for their peers to use.


To support new teachers, MCCC Principal Aaron Kline spearheaded an initiative to create an inhouse professional warehouse of teaching resources and relevant forms that MCCC teachers could easily access for support with lesson planning and other teacher-related responsibilities. (The CTC uses Microsoft OneNote.)

In 2018 Mr. Kline appointed five experienced teachers to the FOCUS team, and they assumed responsibility for identifying, collecting and managing the resources to be included in the storage warehouse. The FOCUS team worked with a representative from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) to complete the project over the course of about six months. During this time, team members met with the SREP representative three times, and they met as a team in person once every three weeks and then collaborated online more regularly.

The database of resources and lesson plans is a valuable tool for experienced and novice teachers. It provides them efficient access to a robust inventory of practical tools, saving them valuable planning time.


Due to the recent implementation of the resource tool, there is not yet available information on its impact.


Mercer County Career Center
Paul Ryan, Electronics Technology Instructor