Monroe Career & Technical Institute: Strategies for Recruiting Employers as Cooperative Education/Diversified Occupations Work Sites

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At a Glance

Monroe Career & Technical Institute (MCTI) has a rich history of collaborating with local businesses and industries to serve as work sites for its Cooperative Education and Diversified Occupations programs.


MCTI’s Cooperative Education Program originated in the 1970s, and its Diversified Occupations started in the 1980s. Both programs experienced their highest rate of student participation in the early 1990s when over 200 students participated in work-based learning placements. Although MCTI has experienced a drop-off in the number of students it currently serves in these programs, it continues to have a robust partnership with workplace partners.

The strength of MCTI’s partnerships with local businesses and industries is due in large part to:

      • Engaging employers,
      • Supporting employers and educating them about the programs and related requirements, and
      • Recognizing contributions of employers in a meaningful manner.

Engaging Employers
Upon taking over the programs in 1990s, Cooperative Education and Diversified Occupations Coordinator Gregg Angeli recognized that engaging employers required his active engagement with employer organizations and other workforce development entities. Early in his career he reached out to Monroe County CareerLink, as an important source for recruiting employers. Currently, he is an active member of the Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of the Pocono Builders Association and other related boards and organizations.

To further engage local employers in supporting both Cooperative Education and Diversified Occupations, Mr. Angeli recruited representatives from major resorts such as Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari resorts, the local Builders Association, and more to join his Occupational Advisory Committee. He was able to communicate to the employers how the programs could serve as a recruitment tool for them to find new employees. Mr. Angeli also attends job and career fairs at which he can seek out new employers to engage.

Support Employers and Educate Them about the Programs and Related Requirements
Mr. Angeli notes the importance of supporting and educating new employer partners so that they become knowledgeable about program requirements and comfortable with their responsibilities, and, in turn, so students can experience a successful placement. He designed a process to familiarize the employers with the program requirements, including those related to safety, workers’ compensation, hours that students can work, wages and compensation, and other pertinent topics relating to helping students be successful.

Recognize Contributions of Employers in a Meaningful Manner
To show appreciation for employers, MCTI hosts a yearly banquet for all worksite partners at which they receive a plaque and a dinner in recognition of their service to the MCTI students.


MCTI’s ongoing efforts to engage employers and support their involvement results in a strong working relationship with these partners. This allows students to find success in meaningful placements.


Monroe Career & Technical Institute
Gregg Angeli, Coordinator of Cooperative Education and Diversified Occupations