Susquehanna County Career and Technical Center: New Teacher Training, Literacy and Math in Career and Technical Education

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At a Glance

This profile highlights how the leadership team at Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center (SCCTC) created an action plan to recruit, hire, train and retain new teachers. The action was implemented a decade ago and has created a supportive learning environment for new and veteran teachers.


SCCTC, under the leadership of long-time Executive Director Dr. Alice Davis, developed and implemented a plan to train and develop new teachers so they can teach to their fullest potential. The action plan provides a support system and safety net for new teachers as well as veteran teachers by keeping staff up to date and current with procedures, technology, and professional development requirements.

Components of the SCCTC Action Plan

Creating the right work environment

  • Leadership – caring and communication at all levels
  • Faculty and staff – open and innovative
  • Students – empowered and engaged
    • Project-based learning and community projects
  • Community – supportive and resourceful
    • Connections to nonprofit organizations within the community

Recruitment Strategies

  • Positive social media status
  • Starting salary based on experience
  • Follow normal school calendar, sick and personal time, health benefits, etc.
  • Employers that hire students stay involved with school
  • Active OAC involvement
  • Strong ties to local business and industry
  • Community involvement

Retention Strategies

  • Mentor Program
  • Strong support system for all staff
  • Temple University Program
  • Weekly In-service meetings
  • Formal and Informal evaluations
  • Self-Reflection, SMART Goals and Rubrics
  • Outside consultants, TAP, SREB, etc.

Encourage Learning Opportunities

  • Join trade organizations
  • Educational Conferences
  • Student organizations, FBLA, Skills USA, HOSA, and advisors

Provide Employees with Technology

  • Up to date equipment
  • Necessary training

Productive Work Environment

  • Clear mission statement and school vision

Identify and Align Goals with Performance

  • Formal evaluations
  • Informal evaluations
  • Weekly In-Service meetings
  • Limit unproductive meetings
  • Clear communication
  • Recognize employees for their effort


The SCCCTC recruitment and retention plan showcases how a well thought out plan can improve recruitment and retention of CTE instructors in a rural setting. For more information see the contact information below.


Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center

Dr. Alice Davis, Executive Director

Kim Cosklo, Instructor

Bruce Castelli, Instructor