NCCER Core Curriculum Delivery

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At a Glance

Fayette County Career and Technical Institute employs a dually certified math and technical education teacher to deliver the NCCER Core curriculum to Level I students in five approved programs of study.


In an effort to deliver the 72-hour National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core curriculum in the most effective and efficient manner, a certified teacher employed by Fayette County Career and Technical Institute meets once a week with Level I students in each of the following approved CTE programs: Masonry, HVAC, Building Construction, Electrical Construction, and Welding. Following the successful completion of NCCER Core, Level II and Level III students are eligible to earn the forklift certification, aerial work platform certification, and enroll in OSHA training that leads to the OSHA 10-hour card. The NCCER Core teacher is responsible for planning and delivering all instruction as well as assessing student progress.

Origin / Implementation

This practice, which began in 2005, was designed to alleviate the concern that program instructors who are already faced with presenting three levels of curriculum may not be adequately prepared or have the time to present the 72-hour NCCER Core curriculum. Employing one teacher to do so for all five programs allows that person to develop expertise in presenting the NCCER Core curriculum. Further, while Level I students are engaged in their weekly NCCER Core lesson, the program of study teacher is able to devote greater attention to the Level II and III students.

Results / Impact

Since the implementation of this practice, approximately 70 percent of Level I students take and pass the NCCER Core. Of those Level II and Level III students who take the forklift training, 95 percent earn the certification. Approximately 75 percent of the students who sign up for and complete the OSHA training earn the 10-hour certification. Further, students perform higher on NOCTI assessment questions that relate to the material presented in the NCCER Core curriculum and OSHA training.

Anecdotally, the program instructors believe their students benefit from working with two instructors rather than one since each teacher presents materials differently.


Fayette County Career and Technical Institute
Charles Cobert, Teacher of NCCER Core Curriculum