Using Instructional Technology for Blended Learning

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At a Glance

At North Montco Technical Career Center, the Mechatronics instructor uses instructional technology, blended classroom/lab strategies, and collaborative learning tools to differentiate instruction and engage students.


The North Montco Technical Career Center (NMTCC) Mechatronics instructor uses several different learning strategies and instructional technology to create a competency-based program to meet the individual needs of students. Using instructional software specific to the program, students complete theory lessons as homework, and then they bring clarifying questions on the material studied to school. They also are prepared to perform the hands-on application of the theory on trainers in the laboratory. Students rotate between trainers which allows them to work individually with the teacher and instructional assistant.

The instructor uses both formal and informal assessments to evaluate student learning on an ongoing basis.  Mastery checklists track student performance on the trainers, and unit tests are completed online. On a typical day in the lab, students work on different topics and labs as the instructor circulates to observe, answer questions and check for student understanding. 

To help with the instructional management of the class, the Mechatronics instructor created a Google classroom. This tool allows students to collaborate on project ideas, address instructional questions, and discuss routine issues such as lab and equipment storage.

Origin / Implementation

The instructor utilizes instructional technology to create a blended learning atmosphere because it allows for differentiated instruction to occur while students can learn at their own pace. The individual learning needs and interests of students are addressed through this approach.

Results / Impact

The instructor reports that students express great satisfaction with the instructional strategies and technology used in class. The Mechatronics program produced the 2014-15 national SkillsUSA champions.


North Montco Technical Career Center

Michael Lucas, Director

Robert Lacivita, Coordinator of Programs and Services

Richard Matthias, Instructor