Collaborative Model for Hiring

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At a Glance

In an effort to reduce turnover and hire highly qualified candidates, the Steel Center for Career and Technical Education created an extensive assessment and performance hiring process.


Recognizing the importance of hiring the right people for all positions, the Steel Center developed a hiring process that, even if time-consuming, creates a workforce of well-qualified people in all jobs from cafeteria workers to administrators. The process moves away from subjective analysis and emphasizes objective criteria and a team approach, in which multiple stakeholders are involved in hiring. The goal is not only to assess a job applicant but also to increase the applicant pool and to make sure the applicant has a realistic understanding of job expectations.

General description

Whether seeking administrative, professional, or classified positions, applicants undergo a range of assessments including multiple interviews with administrators, teachers, and other staff. Standardized interview questions are utilized. Applicants may also be evaluated on a number of writings or presentations, including a knowledge test, response to a case study, and observations following a school tour. Teacher candidates present a brief lesson. Objective scoring is based on a rubric that attempts to eliminate bias. Evaluators’ scores are averaged and candidates are given a numeric ranking. On the front-end of the process, the center makes clear the expectations, needs and work requirements of the particular position.

Origin / Implementation

The advanced hiring process began in 2012 at the instigation of a new executive director who had concerns about the potentially high cost (time and money) associated with poor hiring decisions. 

Results / Impact

There has been little turnover since the program began. The process has resulted in attracting and hiring personnel suited to and qualified for the job.


Kevin Rice, Executive Director
Steel Center for Career and Technical Education

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