Special Education Live Binder

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At a Glance

The Beaver County Career and Technology Center (BCCTC) created an online reference site to organize and give access to documents that may be needed by its special education students and their families.


The Beaver County Career and Technology Center is using technology to give special education students and their families’ access to school and course documents. A virtual notebook, using the free LiveBinder platform, was created as a place to maintain important documents so students and their parents could easily access them and school personnel could easily update them. The virtual notebook allows the creator to organize documents in various tabs, much like a traditional notebook. The BCCTC LiveBinder includes documents such as the student handbook, parent permission forms, program of study task lists, slideshows about the school’s special education protocols, information about grading and assessment, and a readability index document that contains sample texts from each program.

Origin / Implementation

The virtual notebook was created during the 2016-2017 school year following a transition coordinator’s meeting with the intent to both improve student/parent access to documents and to allow staff to make timely updates. The resource also acts as a digital reference book for agencies and sending school districts that need information about the services BCCTC offers.

Results / Impact

The virtual notebook has been in place for half of the school year but there the feedback from people who’ve used the site is positive. The school has also been asked to present their process of creating the site to outside groups so it can be replicated.


Beaver County Career and Technology Center
Sue Chance, Learning Facilitator