Student Recognition at Bucks County Technical High School

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At a Glance

Each month, nine students receive recognition for outstanding performance in academics, technical programs, and school and community service or support.


To be considered for this highly competitive recognition, a teacher’s letter of recommendation is required. Before selecting students, administrators check their discipline and attendance records; nominees may be eliminated for even a slight infraction. The administration selects students based upon a number of factors but only uses students’ grade point average, grades, and/or class rank if there is tie. Recognition breakfasts are held in January and May to honor the students, who receive a certificate and special pin. Parents are invited to the breakfast.

Origin / Implementation

The student recognition program was started 15 years ago to acknowledge students who excel in several areas: academic and technical program, attitude, and volunteerism.  The program also contributes to increased parent involvement and a positive school climate.

Results / Impact

The school has seen increased participation in after-school activities,  CTE student organizations, community service, and academic effort. School climate has improved, as has the status of the school in the broader community.


Bucks County Technical High School
Leon Poeske, Administrative Director,
Hank DeGeorge, Assistant Director,