Chester County Technical College High School Curriculum Plan

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At a Glance

As part of a curriculum initiative project, administrators and instructors at Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) developed a curriculum plan that details how to create and implement high quality instruction.


Administrators and faculty developed the curriculum plan in order to provide teachers with an effective model for lesson planning, instructional delivery, and assessment. The curriculum plan outlines key components and processes to plan and implement the curriculum. It also includes relevant and “best practice” examples of instructional strategies that administrators expect teachers to implement.

The curriculum plan includes information on, samples of, and templates for the following practices and materials:

  • course syllabi,
  • curriculum maps,
  • learning guides,
  • weekly lesson plans with parent/student communication logs,
  • samples of instructional strategies, and
  • formative and summative assessments.

For more detailed information, the Curriculum Plan for Chester County Technical College High School is provided.

Origin / Implementation

As part of a broader focus on strengthening the curriculum, TCHS administrators decided to develop a plan that creates a uniform model of curriculum planning and implementation across their three campuses. The plan is a tool to support and guide teachers to use high-quality instruction to better support student achievement. It also provides a foundation for the way in which teachers will be evaluated and supervised.

A committee of administrators and instructors began meeting and preparing to develop the curriculum plan in November 2015. The committee now includes representatives from each of the three TCHS campuses and meets monthly.

Results / Impact

The focus on strengthening the curriculum is an ongoing process at TCHS. This particular plan will continue to be revised and expanded as new examples and strategies are added to it.

Curriculum Plan for Chester County HERE.


Chester County Intermediate Unit, Technical College High School
Michael Katch, Administrator on Assignment

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