Principal Shadow Event for Sending School Districts

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At a Glance

Chester County Technical College High School (TCHS) Pennock’s Bridge Campus hosted a shadowing event for sending high school principals to learn more about the CTE programs and experiences available to students.


To promote the event, Pennock’s Bridge Principal Dr. Brian Hughes reached out to sending school principals to provide information and invite participation. Additional communications between the sending school principals and Pennock’s Bridge administration ensured that a convenient date was secured for the event.

For the event, a Pennock’s Bridge student ambassador was selected to meet with and host his/her sending school principal. (Student ambassadors play an important role at Pennock’s Bridge, providing peer mentoring, help with tours and recruitment, and mentoring new students.)

Prior to the event, the student ambassadors met with their home school principal to deliver the printed invitation and explain how the shadow session would be organized. 

During the one-and-a-half-hour program, the ambassadors conducted a hands-on lesson during which they provided instruction and practice in a skill significant to their technical program. After the shadow session, the principals were led on a brief building tour.

The Principal Shadow Event was split into two sessions with an overlapping lunchtime allowing all principals to dine together. Three sending district principals attended each session. After the event, the student ambassadors were expected to present their home school principal with a thank you card and pictures from the event.

Origin / Implementation

The first Principal Shadow Event was held in December 2016.  Pennock’s Bridge administrators approached the event as an opportunity to showcase the extent of technical preparation, academic integration, and 21st century skill development that are inherent in their programs. Further, it provided a way for sending school principals to observe the professional atmosphere and positive culture of the school. Administrators also wanted the experience to provide principals with a stronger connection to their Pennock’s Bridge students, its programs and the school itself, reinforcing the concept that the technical school is an extension of the sending schools and not a separate entity.

Results / Impact

The sending school principals who participated in the event found it provided them with a valuable opportunity to work with their students and better understand the technical program. All participants indicated they would like the event to continue allowing them to learn about other technical programs.


Chester County Technical College High School, Pennock’s Bridge Campus
Dr. Brian Hughes, Principal