Effective Administrative Practices—Values

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At a Glance

With student, staff, and faculty input, the Indiana County Technology Center (ICTC) community chose five values they wanted to instill in daily school life through attractive decals on school walls and recognition programs.


In two separate meetings, faculty members in one group and administrators and students in another discussed more than 50 different values believed to be keys to success in industry as well as in life in general. Narrowing the number of values to five, the top four were chosen based on the selections of each group. 

The “ICTC Values” are Respect, Honesty, Teamwork, and Work Ethic. After the four values were decided, students from the Graphics and Electronic Media Program created decals showcasing them. Every time students, faculty, and administrators walk through corridor doors, they have only to look up and see a reminder of the four values written on the wall decals. The school administration wanted the values to be in the minds of the school community in everything they did at the school. Every nine weeks, instructors are encouraged to select a student from each program who embodies “ICTC Values” to receive recognition and represent their program. Students receive a certificate and an ICTC t-shirt.  The group is photographed and recognized on the school’s website and hallway display monitor.

Origin / Implementation

Administrators wanted to put into practice their belief that students and staff should be constantly reminded that school values are part of everyday life at the school. The program started in the 2013-2014 school year.

Results / Impact

The school administration believes students have greater self respect and respect for what they do at school by always being reminded of school values. Students were part of selecting the values and are, therefore, more inclined to abide by them.


Indiana County Technology Center
Michael McDermott, Principal