Project POST (Program of Study Tool)

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At a Glance

A comprehensive, simplified tool was created to answer questions Susquehanna County Career and Technical Center (SCCTC) instructors had about accountability for meeting PDE Career and Technical Education requirements, Chapter 339 Vocational Education standards, and Program of Study (POS) curriculum.


With guidance from Career and Technical Distinguished Leaders, three Health Careers instructors and a paraprofessional, Project POST (Program of Study Tool) was developed. The tool lays out a three-year scope and sequence of the POS, helps track student performance on tasks associated with their study, enables students to record their own POS performance, and highlights primary areas of assessment regarding preparation for NOCTI, industry related certifications, and CTSO requirements within all of the POS tasks. The goal is that Project POST will outline all of the expectations for CTE instructors.

Origin / Implementation

After participating in an in-service program led by TAP representatives before the 2015-2016 school year, and recognizing the large number of standards and guidelines at the state and local levels that instructors need to know and follow, two SCCTC Health Careers instructors and their paraprofessional support individual asked, “How do we account for all of this?” By August of 2015, they created Project POST and presented it to Health Career Technology students in October of 2015. Project POST is an all-inclusive document that combines tasks, curriculum, assessment, and instructional strategies. It helps instructors ensure that all guidelines they are accountable for, including POS, Chapter 339, and graduation requirements, are being met. Since its inception, Project POST has become a daily lesson planner, unit organizer, project outline map, online reference tool, source for student and parent communication, assessment rubric, and instructor and student task tracker. 

Results / Impact

Project POST is currently in its first year of operation, so qualitative results are not available. However, the pilot program instructors have reported that in implementing Project POST they are finally able to understand the totality of what is expected of them and their students.


Susquehanna Career and Technology Center
Linda Hoover or Darlene Drake, Health Career Technology Instructors /

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