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At a Glance

Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School (CPAVTS) Administrative Director Justin Bruhn created a supervision plan to inform professional employees of the expectations and conditions under which they would be supervised and evaluated. 


The CPAVTS supervision plan, created and implemented by Administrator Director Justin Bruhn, is detailed in a formal document that describes how classroom teachers will be supervised and evaluated. It notifies teachers of the expectations for satisfactory teaching performance.

The plan follows the Danielson Framework. It identifies six elements that are used for teacher evaluation:

  • Formal Observations,
  • Planning Meetings,
  • Walkthroughs,
  • Program Outcome Meetings,
  • Student Learning Objectives, and
  • Professional Portfolios.

For each of these elements, the plan includes a description, information on the frequency, the type of data to be collected, and other details.

The supervision plan also outlines the overall timeline of the evaluation schedule for the year. In addition, it includes the templates used to collect data during the various evaluation elements. By reading the plan, teachers learn exactly what data and standards administrators will be collecting and referencing during the evaluation process.

To see a copy of the supervision plan, see the attached document.

Origin / Implementation

Mr. Bruhn implemented the formal supervision plan for the first time during the 2015-2016 school year. He developed it as part of the job embedded assignments of the New Director Academy PIL. The plan formalized the supervision process already in place at CPAVTS.

The plan creates transparency around teacher supervision and evaluation. Teachers know what is expected of them, and they know how they will be required to show that they have met these expectations. Teachers are informed of any changes to the plan at in-service meetings at the beginning of the school year.

Results / Impact

Mr. Bruhn reports that staff members appear to understand the process and elements of the supervision plan.  Certain forms are revised annually, such as the walkthrough and planning forms, to help make them as effective as possible. 


Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School
Justin Bruhn, Administrative Director

1 PA has adopted the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching. Visit the state’s Standard Aligned System, or SAS, website to learn more.

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