Veterinary Assistant Safety Program

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At a Glance

The Beaver County Career and Technology Center (BCCTC) Veterinary Assistant Program utilizes a manual to ensure proper student safety.


Stephanie Vuckovich, instructor of the Veterinary Assistant Program, developed a student safety manual. It includes laboratory safety rules, such as staying calm while handling animals, keeping lab doors closed when animals are present, ensuring dogs remained leashed at all time, appropriate dress for the lab, how to lift large animals, using protective gear, and keeping workspaces neat and clean. In addition, the document explains how the lab manages the use of chemicals and other hazardous materials that are necessary for the program. The safety manual includes lesson plans for specific safety-related lessons, such as removing a dog from a kennel. It also includes a sample safety test for students to review.

Origin / Implementation

Due to the nature of the program and the inherent safety issues of working with live animals, the safety manual was created five years ago in order to provide students with all important safety information in one document.

Results / Impact

Accidents in the Veterinary Assistant Program are minimal, and it is believed that the safety manual contributes to this.


Beaver County Career Technology Center
Stephanie Vuckovich, Veterinary Assistance Instructor
Supporting Materials/Resources: Safety Manual

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