Career Development Workshop

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At a Glance

Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center (GJCTC) students attended a career development workshop that addressed how to plan for future career success.


In April of 2017, GJCTC collaborated with Cambria County CareerLink and Goodwill to provide a career development workshop that all 10th and 11th grade GJCTC students were required to attend. (Seniors were taking the performance section of the NOCTI exam while the workshop was offered.) Offered during both the morning and afternoon sessions, the workshop provided underclassman with an opportunity to prepare for successful careers. Its structure was modeled after what students might experience in a “real world” job workshop.  Specifically, the workshop focused on topics such as job interviews, resume writing, networking and community engagement. Students learned about the importance of volunteering and the services provided by CareerLink.

The workshop consisted of three sessions, with two breaks for the students. A different speaker led each session. Presenters kept the students engaged by asking questions and rewarding correct answers with a small prize, assigning students to record information on a flip chart and moving around the room. Expenses for the workshop were minimal and consisted of providing light refreshments.

GJCTC intends to offer the workshop again next year with different topics to avoid repeated information for returning students. (After two years of topics are developed they will be presented every other year.) To keep students engaged, organizers also plan to use breakout sessions next year and the students will rotate through each session.


Approximately 175 GJCTC students attended the career development workshop. Students gave positive feedback in pre- and post-surveys. Several students commented that they felt better prepared for upcoming job interviews in terms of the types of questions to expect and dressing appropriately. Several students also requested their teachers review their resumes prior to their job interviews.


Greater Johnstown Career & Technology Center

Vanessa Gardner, Career Coach/Cooperative Education Coordinator