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At a Glance

At the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County (CTCLC), Welding Technology instructor Kyle Linko selects upperclassman to serve as mentors to new students.


In 2014, Mr. Linko started a mentoring practice through which upperclassman assist small groups of new students as they learn welding processes.  By using mentors, Mr. Linko finds that new students receive more support and attention while learning material in the lab. 

Upperclassman who are in the Welding Technology program and have been under Mr. Linko’s instruction for at least two years serve as mentors. About four or five mentors are used each day and they typically mentor for seven to eight days at a time.

The mentors show students how to set up and operate equipment, how to weld in a safe manner, and how to clean up and put away equipment. During this time, Mr. Linko works with a small group of students and walks around to check in on other students. At the end of each session, he reviews the objectives with students and checks to make sure they learned the necessary information.


Mr. Linko notes that the mentoring practice is a win-win for every student. For new students, they can meet and learn from many students who have experience in the welding technology program.  For the mentors, the experience allows them to review and solidify what they have been taught, and it can boost their self-confidence.


Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County

Kyle Linko, Welding Technology Instructor