Mentor-Induction Program

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Berks Career and Technology Center: Mentor-Induction Program

At a Glance

Berks Career and Technology Center (BCTC) implemented a stand-alone, three-year induction program for new teachers. Highly organized and comprehensive in scope, the induction program is designed to guide and support new teachers through their first three years of teaching.

Key components of the plan are included with this profile.  The components are:

  • Berks Career & Technology Center New Teacher Induction Program Model Training Plan: 3-Year Induction Plan Outline,
  • Master Section Punch List,
  • New Staff Induction Flowchart,
  • New Instructional Staff Guidebook– Year 1: Weekly Guide to Professional Development and Training as a New Instructional Staff Member,
  • New Staff Induction Sign-Off Form, and
  • Year 1 Instructors Learning Walk Schedule.


BCTC used pieces of a teacher induction program for many years under the ISO system. However, the pieces were not organized or presented in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.  To help streamline the induction program and to help new teachers and mentors better understand the requirements, BCTC refined and organized the program. As a result, its components are now aligned, roles and responsibilities are better defined, and requirements are easier to track.

Michael Stein, the instructional technology coach took on the task of redeveloping and formalizing the components of the complete teacher induction program. It was implemented for the first time for the 2018-2019 school year.

One of the major challenges in implementing the program is avoid overwhelming new teachers with the breadth and scope of its components. Second, it is a challenge to make sure the formalized program is adopted and used consistently among all staff members.  A final challenge is to continue orienting new mentors to the programs as staff transitions occur. To address each of these challenges, BCTC recognizes the need for consistent communication and clear guidelines on expectations.

For other CTCs that may want to replicate this program, Mr. Stein emphasizes the importance of planning ahead and program organization. It is important to gather all the program components into one document or system and to clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of those involved in developing the program. Visuals, such as the flow chart that BCTC uses, are critical tools to helping all those involved understand how the program will be implemented.


BCTC faculty view the newly designed and organized teacher induction program as an important tool to orient new teachers to their roles and responsibilities and to help them feel welcome. New teachers who come to the classroom directly from industry often have a lot to learn. This program is designed to support them during their first year and to help them grow as teacher throughout their first three years in the classroom.

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