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At a Glance

The literacy and math coaches at Lehigh Career & Technical Institute implemented a creative, BINGO-based professional development challenge to encourage instructors to use best teaching practices while preparing students for the NOCTI tests.


In February 2019, the LCTI instructional coach and instructional technology specialist rolled out a voluntary NOCTI BINGO challenge to LCTI instructors. They distributed a NOCTI BINGO card on which each space contained an instructional strategy for teachers to implement. The strategies related to topics addressed at professional development trainings throughout the schoolyear. As teachers implemented a strategy, they marked off the space. Once they made a BINGO, the teachers submitted their related artifacts to the math and literacy coaches and received a raffle ticket. Teachers could make as many BINGOs as possible between February and mid-April and receive raffle tickets for them. A drawing was held at the end of April, and prizes included Amazon gift cards and LCTI swag.

The instructional coach and instructional technology specialist implemented NOCTI BINGO to encourage instructors to incorporate math and literacy strategies and other best teaching practices as they prepared students for the NOCTI tests.

When the coaches first rolled out the program, they did not receive much feedback or BINGO submissions. To encourage participation, they sent out a featured best practice from the board on Tuesdays and Thursdays and provided a related graphic organizer, tutorial video or other resource. Overall, the coaches found NOCTI BINGO to be an easy, free and engaging way to support instructors and reinforce quality strategies with them.


NOCTI BINGO provided an effective way for the math and literacy coaches to prompt staff to implement best practices and strategies and to remind their colleagues that they are available to support them.


Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
Kelly Cahoon, Instructional Coach
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