Skill Alignment for CTE Programs

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At a Glance

Delaware County Technical Schools (DCTS) created skill alignment charts for each CTE program that document the math and literacy skills integrated into programs as well as the physical considerations and essential skills for each program.


DCTS instructors and student services staff (special education teachers and math and literacy coaches) collaborated to develop skill alignment charts for each CTE program. The charts, which detail academic and physical expectations for each program, serve several purposes. One, they provide guidance to sending schools as they consider which students might be a good fit for the CTCs. Two, the charts provide CTE instructors with a tool to help them more closely align their instruction with academic content. Finally, the charts help facilitate collaboration between student services staff and CTE instructors on how to best meet the needs of students.

It took DCTS staff members approximately four weeks to develop, review and revise the skill alignment charts. During the development process, the student services staff met with each teacher to provide input on the charts. Math and literacy levels are in alignment with the Program of Study Academic Crosswalks. In addition, the special education teachers met with each teacher to gather information about assessments, homework, projects and the essential skills and physical demands for each program. Developing the charts will be an ongoing process because they need to be revised and updated as standards and expectations shift, and staff identify new needs.

Special education teachers bring the charts to IEP meetings at sending schools in order to help the team make an informed decision regarding program choice for students. The charts also are used to identify areas of need that may require additional support. Additionally, they were presented to all Delaware County Directors of Special Education at their monthly meeting on May 1, 2019. They have been distributed electronically to all Delaware County High Schools.


DCTS staff finds the skill alignment charts provide valuable information to sending schools to help them identify students who would be a good match for DCTS, and which program might best meet the strengths and needs of these students.


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