Student Success Form

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At a Glance

Students with IEPs who are applying to Erie County Technical School (ECTS), their parents and their case managers complete a student success form to help inform families of the expectations and requirements for CTE programs at ECTS.


To help support prospective students with IEPs and their families as they consider applying to ECTS, the admissions coordinator at ECTS created a student success form that is distributed to sending school staff members who work with these students. Case managers sign off on the form indicating that they reviewed the curriculum, including reading and math levels, and the physical requirements of CTE programs with the student and family. Students also receive Program at a Glance forms. The Programs at a Glance inform students and parents of the required math and reading levels as well as tolerances required in the career area. The curriculum is printed on the back of the form, so parents and students can see exactly what is taught in the program. Both forms are distributed prior to tours of ECTS and prior to students registering for a CTE program.


The student success form and the Program at a Glance forms provide valuable information to students and parents about the features, requirements and expectations of the programs offered at the CTC. ECTS faculty anticipate that providing access to such thorough and relevant program information will help students and their families make thoughtful decisions regarding student placement.


Erie County Technical School
Lisa Sorensen, Admissions Coordinator