Online Database Provides Seniors with Information about Scholarships and Awards

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At a Glance

Through an online database developed by Career Institute of Technology (CIT), senior students can complete a simple survey process on the CTC’s website to obtain information about scholarships, tool awards or monetary awards for which they are eligible to apply.


Scholarships and monetary awards can provide students with significant support as they look to expand their educational and career opportunities upon graduation. CTCs typically announce scholarship and award opportunities during opening announcements and post them in the program areas and guidance areas. However, many students do not hear the announcements or do not see the postings thereby missing out on opportunities.

CIT wanted to change this approach and find a more efficient, direct and individualized way for students to learn about scholarship opportunities and awards. During the 2018-2019 school year, the CTC rolled out a new component of its website that includes the information students and parents need to make informed choices about which opportunities to pursue. Students complete a simple quiz that uses an “if-then” functionality so that information is tailored to students’ specific responses. Once they complete the quiz, students are directed to scholarships and awards for which they are eligible to apply.

Since implementing the system, CIT has promoted it to students, sending districts’ superintendents, principals, and counselors. Once the database was developed, the CTC sent information to parents via their telephone system, so they knew to check the system.


The new system houses information about scholarships and awards in one location making it easier for students, parents and sending school counselors to access the information and make informed choices about which opportunities best align with students’ strengths and needs.


Career Institute of Technology
Adrianne Jones, Administrative Director