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At a Glance

Greene County Career and Technology Center (GCCTC) implemented several student-centered strategies to support students and provide evidence of their progress as they complete the required Pennsylvania Career and Education Work (CEW) standards.


To meet the state requirements for schools and school districts to maintain student evidence through Grade 11 for the completion of the CEW standards, Greene County CTC developed several approaches. For example, the CTC conducts student awareness assemblies for each grade level. During the assemblies, which occur at the beginning of the school year, the school counselor and cooperative education coordinator inform students about what they are required to complete over the course of the school year. The requirements are based off the required PDE Career Ready Index Activities.

In another effort to address the state CEW standards requirements, the school counselor created a flowchart of relevant activities for school faculty and the sending schools counselors to use as a resource with students as they make progress on the CEW standards. The flowchart, which is attached to this profile, lists the requirements specific to the students’ grade level.

Thirdly, GCCTC and its sending districts decided to use Career Cruising, an online career system, to track and monitor student progress on the CEW standards. District school counselors and the GCCTC counselor collaborated to adopt the Career Cruising platform so that student evidence related to the CEW standards can be electronically stored in one central location regardless of which school the student attends. The sending schools teach students how to use the software. By using this online system, GCCTC can oversee the CEW requirements for its students so that sending district personnel do not need to assume that responsibility.  Students, counselors, and/or teachers can upload and enter data into Career Cruising.

Download the CEW Flowchart HERE.


GCCTC first developed the assemblies and flowcharts and implemented the Career Cruising for the 2018-2019 school year and so feedback is not yet available.


Greene County Career and Technology Center

Katie Sleasman, M.S.Ed., NCC, LPC
School Counselor