Workshops to Develop a Curriculum

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Corry Area School District’s Career & Technical Center: Workshops to Develop a Curriculum 

At a Glance

Corry Area School District’s Career & Technical Center (Corry CTEC) conducts Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) workshops to align the CTE program curricula with the state task lists and the needs of the local economy.


Corry CTEC uses a trained consultant to conduct curriculum review and alignment workshops for each of its eight CTE programs. The one-day workshops follow a variation of the DACUM model of job and occupational analysis, which was refined by The Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) and the consultant. Corry CTEC invites OAC members and community members involved in job hiring to participate in the workshops, and the CTE instructor attends as an observer.

During the workshops, participants analyze future workforce trends, worker habits and required levels of education. Often, participants add to the state-approved task list, highlighting those task list items to which employers give priority.

Corry CTEC conducts the one-time workshops for three programs a year and most likely will start the review process over again once each of the programs has completed a workshop. The CTC uses Perkins money to pay for the consultant.


The workshops help ensure that the tasks taught in each program meet the state requirements and are relevant to local industry. Corry CTEC administrators also view the workshops as opportunities to involve OAC members and to increase OAC membership.


Task Grid Welding – DACUM Panel Output

COS Task List 2018 Post Workshop

DO DACUM Research Chart Final

Metalworking DACUM Research Chart

One Day Modified DACUM Information Sheet


Corry Area School District’s Career & Technical Center

Susan E. Bogert, NCC, LPC
Supervisor of Vocational Education, Corry Area School District